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Hotel Lago Grey
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Where we are

Lago Grey Hotel is located in one of the most privileged places within the National Park of Torres del Paine. The park, declarated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is located at the southern tip of Chilean Patagonia, about 2.900 km away of Chile´s capital city of Santiago, 340 km from Punta Arenas and 116 Kms of Puerto Natales. Lago Grey Hotel is situated along the homonymous lake, from our facilities you can enjoy the amazing panoramic view that the Grey Lake offer among the impressive and beautiful floating icebergs. Grey Glacier is part of the Southern Ice Fields, the third largest freshwater in the world.


Mapa Hotel Lago Grey Torres del Paine
Distances (Km) El Calafate (Arg) Puerto Natales Punta Arenas Río Gallegos (Arg) Porvenir Río Grande (Arg) Ushuaia (Arg)
Hotel Lago Grey 412 165 411 392 638 721 957
T. del Paine 394 147 393 374 620 703 939
Cerro Castillo 296 63 309 274 306 623 859
Puerto Natales 362 0 246 295 466 491 727
Punta Arenas 605 246 0 264 316 417 653
Fuerte Bulnes 659 302 56 320 372 488 524
Mte. Aymond 374 227 196 68 191 297 533
San Sebastián 579 478 311 283 142 109 348
Porvenir 561 466 316 259 0 239 475

How to get from Santiago

By Air:


To Punta Arenas: Flights depart Santiago airport daily (4h 15min, depending on stopovers). You can also take a flight from Puerto Montt. All flights arrive at Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Airport.To Puerto Williams: Daily flights from Punta Arenas (1h 15min).To Porvenir (Tierra del Fuego): Daily flights from Punta Arenas (15 min).To the Chilean section of Antarctica: Flights go from Punta Arenas to the Presidente Frei Airbase on San Jorge Island (4 hours). Frequency depends on the climate.

By Car:


Punta Arenas and other parts of southern Patagonia can be accessed through five different Chile-Argentina border crossings. Some tour companies cover the Osorno-Punta Arenas stretch, a 36-hour journey through Argentine territory.To Puerto Natales: Take Route 9 north approximately 241km (it is northeast of Punta Arenas, where you'll find buses, car rental services and shuttles that make the four hour trip). Also reachable from Argentina through the border crossings.

By Boat:

You can reach Puerto Natales by ferry from Puerto Montt. Boats depart once a week and the journey takes 3 nights and 4 days.There is also weekly ferry service to Puerto Williams from Punta Arenas (36 hours). The boat departs the Tres Puentes Terminal, which is 5 km north of the city.You can take a ferry to Porvenir from Punta Arenas (2 and a half hours approximately). The boat departs the Tres Puentes Terminal, which is 5 km north of the city.Most cruise ships going to Antarctica depart Ushuaia, Argentina. Aerotours to Antarctica can be combined with a boat trip to Ushuaia, Argentina departing Punta Arenas.


Mapa Torres del Paine 2012

reference map courtesy of CONAF Magallanes